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The strength of a community can be seen through the actions of its members. In Evanston, IL, the collaboration between citizens, entrepreneurs, local businesses, schools, and affordable housing organizations illustrate just how strong that bond can be.

Geometry in Construction, a collaborative effort between the City of Evanston, Community Partners for Affordable Housing, and building partners like Evanston plumbing contractor Lucke Plumbing, is a course offered through Evanston Township High School to teach real-world mathematical and construction skills. Encompassing all elements of building construction, the Geometry in Construction course gives students hands-on experience as they prepare to build a two-story home from start to finish. Throughout the course of the construction process, Evanston Township High School hosts Community Build Day, welcoming community volunteers to aid in the construction of the home.

Students enrolled in Geometry in Construction learn practical construction skills and gain experience and insight about careers in architecture and engineering, construction management, plumbing, heating, carpentry, electrical work, landscaping, and more. From learning how to construct walls to observing licensed plumbers, electricians, and tradespeople doing specialized construction work, students leave the course with a broad understanding of hands-on problem solving, applied mathematics, and career possibilities. The Geometry in Construction class concludes with the donation of the home to a family through the Community Partners for Affordable Housing.

Lucke Plumbing, the most trusted Evanston plumbing contractor, has served the greater North Shore community for over 100 years. Teaming up with other local businesses, Lucke Plumbing proudly supports Evanston Township High School and the Geometry in Construction program by offering Evanston plumbing construction services to homes being built through the program.


Evanston plumbing installation must be performed by bonded and licensed plumbers. For work being performed on the Davis Home, Evanston Township High School enlisted the skills of Lucke Plumbing’s master plumbers to install the home’s rough plumbing and trim plumbing.

Throughout the construction process, students were allowed to ask questions and observe Lucke Plumbing’s Evanston plumbing contractors as the house’s plumbing was installed. This process gave great insight to students looking to pursue careers in plumbing and heating as they were able to see firsthand how complex plumbing equipment was installed from scratch.

Evanston plumbing installation began with the construction of rough plumbing. Often unseen by homeowners, rough plumbing consists of the water and sewer piping that lives behind the walls. This crucial installation adds all necessary piping to carry water throughout the house, eventually to be connected to bathtubs, sinks, and other appliances. Upon the conclusion of the rough plumbing installation, construction of the walls and floors was carried out by other licensed tradespeople.

The next phase of Evanston plumbing construction was the installation of trim plumbing, the fixtures and plumbing devices seen and used throughout the home. Toilets, bathtubs, hot water heaters, lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, faucets, and water appliances were installed and connected to the rough plumbing system.

Homes built through the Geometry in Construction program are created in an off-site location near Evanston Township High School. Upon the completion of the construction process, the house is moved to a permanent location and prepared for a family to move into. Lucke Plumbing’s Evanston plumbers leave the home ready to be connected to local water lines and sewage lines, ensuring the new occupants are ready to live in a home with modern, functional amenities.