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Job Title:  Licensed Plumber

Job Type:  Full-Time

Lucke Plumbing is looking for licensed plumbers for permanent positions.

We have two locations, but work all over the Chicago area and state. Construction and remodeling is a focus, so print knowledge is helpful. We have an extensive repair business, so jobbing and repair skills are a plus, in addition to people skills.

Our business is involved in every aspect of the plumbing trade, all over the Chicago area. This will give you the opportunity to expand and do more than just construction and remodeling work, day in and out. We perform all types of residential, commercial, industrial construction and remodeling rough and trim, in addition to repairs. It’s helpful if you are familiar with sewer rodding, jetting, underground locating, and video. Water service repair, installation and upgrades, gas piping, flood and storm water control. Experience in Hydronic, radiant, steam, heating, controls, and equipment, as it is part of both construction and repairs, can help. We also work with fire sprinklers, radon, irrigation. Backflow certified or willing to be a trainer.

We are a smaller, well respected, busy, family company, that has been in the trade, in this area, for over 100 years. Pay commensurate with experience. Benefits provided and available. Opportunity to run a crew and lead. Come, meet us, and show us what you know. We’ll try to expand your trade experience and knowledge of these areas.

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Job Title:  Apprentice Plumber

Job Type:  Full-Time

We are currently looking to hire (previously or currently licensed) apprentice plumbers.

We have two locations in Illinois, one in Wilmette and one in Evanston. We are looking for someone who can demonstrate knowledge of plumbing skills. A 3rd year apprentice level or above is preferred. Someone we can take to a plumbers license and eventually become a member of our organization. However a mechanically inclined person who has worked in a trade or related business can also apply.

We are a small to medium sized family company that works in all aspects of the plumbing trade. We perform plumbing repairs of all types and jobs all over the Chicago area. Bath and kitchen remodeling, (tiling, carpentry, drywall, experience could be of value), new construction, sewer rodding and repair, water and sewer utility work (concrete, asphalt, excavation skills could be helpful), residential fire systems, hot water, radiant and steam heating and boilers, gas and pipe fitting, snow melt, appliance, HVAC and much more. Illinois drivers license is a must.

After a probation period, a qualified employee would be a state licensed apprentice and will be expected to work as a helper, general laborer (all types), shop person, etc, to perform all types of work and associated jobs we do. They will be expected to get along with, listen to, and work with plumbers and other apprentices to learn the trade. A good work ethic and a fast learner can go far. Good customer and people skills is helpful. We have benefits and pay commensurate with experience for people who want to make this a career, not just a job.

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Job Title:  General Laborer

Job Type:  Full-Time

We are also looking for general labor help, if long-term plumbing isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.

Responsibilities – assist with Water & Sewer Digging, Construction (Interior and Exterior), Drain Rodding. Also, Demolition related to walls, floors, tile, and concrete and assisting plumbers with their daily activities (see above job postings for more details). 

Requirements – The position would require the ability to use power tools related to all above work such as saws and a jackhammer.  Experience in various pipe removal would be a plus, as would OSHA safety courses. Should be able to work overtime hours if needed, including nights and weekends. A mechanically inclined person who has worked in a trade or related business should apply. This can also transition into an apprentice position if that is something that interests you.

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