Lucke Plumbing Wilmette hydro jetting

Have backed-up pipes effected your day-to-day operations at work, or kept you from being able to use the conveniences of your home? Lucke Plumbing is here to help! With state-of-the-art jetting equipment, our plumbers can help eradicate problems with sewer and drain lines of all shapes and sizes.

The sewer installation and repair experts at Lucke Plumbing are fully equipped to handle your sewer’s biggest problems. With state-of-the-art equipment and over 100 years of experience solving sewer problems, Lucke Plumbing has got you covered.

Jetting Services

  • Sewer jetting
  • Drain jetting
  • Cold water jetting
  • Hot water jetting

Commercial Jetting Services

  • Restaurant jetting
  • Factory jetting
  • Municipality jetting
  • Pressure cleaning


Though many different solutions exist for cleaning out backed up pipes and sewers, professional hydro jetting is one of the most powerful, long lasting, and cost-effective solutions available. While many plumbers promote traditional rooter services, these short-term solutions often create a temporary fix for your plumbing problem by opening and clearing out a hole in your blocked pipes.

Wilmette plumbing contractors at Lucke Plumbing fitting a brand new pipe lining

Our expert Wilmette plumbing contractors fitting a brand new pipe lining

Going far and beyond simple rooting, hydro jetting uses high-pressure equipment to fully clear out your pipes and restore normal flow. Starting with a video sewer inspection, our experts determine the source of your pipe’s blockage. Whether it’s tree roots, sludge, or grease buildup, a high-pressure hose and cleaning head is inserted into the sewer line to remove any blockage. This process is repeated several times, ensuring a clear path is left throughout your piping. A video inspection is performed at the very end of the process to guarantee all blocked paths have been removed.

Hydro jetting is a great solution for businesses and homes experiencing clogged or slow sewage lines. For restaurants, bakeries, and other food service businesses that experience problems with grease, sludge, or other drain backups, blasting your pipes and sewer lines with a high-pressure stream of water at 4000 psi can make debris buildups a thing of the past.


Are you experiencing constant sewer backup, clogged pipes, or other drainage issues that results in the frequent need to have your pipes cleaned out? This may mean there’s a chance your pipes are buried in an area that’s susceptible to root growth and other infiltration. If you’re regularly relying on hyrojetting services to clear the blockage, consider adding a layer of pipe lining to your existing piping.

Wilmette plumbing contractors at Lucke Plumbing custom fitting pipe lining

Our plumbing professionals custom-fit sewer lining and pipe lining solutions for your home or business

Pipe lining repairs cracked and broken pipes by sealing open joints, preventing additional damage to your pipes and sewer lines. Essentially creating a pipe-within-a-pipe, adding pipe lining can restore the structural integrity of your existing pipes without having to resort to invasive techniques that tear up your landscaping. A pipe lining installation can be a cost-effective way to solve problems with your damaged or backed up pipes that avoids the need to fully replace your existing pipes.

After a video camera inspection and hydro jetting to clear any debris, our technicians will install a pipe liner fit for the exact length of your existing structure. This un-invasive process does not require digging or excavation, leaving the beauty of your yard or indoor flooring intact. Once your pipe lining is installed, the pipe-within-a-pipe will fully restore your drain lines to normal functionality for years to come.

Sewer lining can help homes and businesses resolve plumbing backups. By cleaning and repairing your existing pipe infrastructure, your piping will be less susceptible to backed up grease and debris. Your pipes will be as good as new, ensuring years of functionality at a fraction of the cost of installing completely new pipes.


If your septic system is showing signs of failure, a full replacement may prove to be an expensive option. Fortunately, Lucke Plumbing’s hydro jetting services can help clear out the blockages responsible for a backed-up septic system and avoid the need for a complete replacement. A septic jetting shoots high-pressure streams of hot and cold water through the pipes of your septic system, clearing out any obstructions and allowing a proper flow to resume.


With over 100 years of serving Wilmette, Evanston, and the rest of Chicago’s North Shore, it’s no wonder residents and businesses rely upon Lucke Plumbing for hydro jetting and pipe lining installation. If your pipes or sewer continually backs up, call 847.652.9334 to speak with one of our experts for a free plumbing estimate!