Messy 911? What Really Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency

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Plumbing Emergencies: The First Steps There are two main things you should do if you’re having a plumbing issue, and neither of them are panic. First, you should find the source of the issue and turn off the water in that area. Behind a toilet, for example, the water shut off is a small, (usually) silver, football-shaped knob. You turn it … Read More

How to Find a Plumber That Can Fix Any Plumbing Problem

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Have a complicated plumbing problem? Read on to learn how to find a plumber to fix it!

Have you ever wondered why we call toilets royal thrones? As it turns out, the first flushable toilet ever recorded in history belonged to the king of Crete almost 3,000 years ago. Although modern plumbing is a lot more advanced, disaster can still threaten to dethrone you. Finding a good plumber is not only crucial for your bathroom, but for the integrity … Read More

What to Do if You Smell Sewer Gas in Your Home

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Do you suspect you smell sewer gas in your home? What are you supposed to do about this awful smell?

The smell of sewer gas is the last thing you’ll ever want to smell in your home, so it makes sense that you would be worried when it invades your home. The problem is, you may not know exactly where that smell is coming from, or why it’s even happening, which can make your experience a whole lot more scary … Read More

Sewer Line Replacement : What Are Your Options?

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Working for drain cleaning. Problem with the drainage system.

Are you experiencing sewer issues in your home? If so, your sewer line may need to be replaced. Nobody wants to deal with sewer problems! But unfortunately, they do arise. And when they do, they can set you back hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. You can live in a house for years and never need to replace a sewer … Read More

How to Tell If You’ve Got a Sewage Pipe Leak

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How to Tell If You've Got a Sewage Pipe Leak

Dealing with a sewage pipe leak can quickly grow into a smelly problem no homeowner wants to deal with. However, catching a leaking drain pipe is the key to preventing a messy ordeal. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware of what to look for to determine if their home has plumbing issues. It’s safe to say that understanding the warning signs … Read More