Radiant Heat Installations Circulate Heat Through The Floors of Your North Shore Chicago Home

What is radiant heating? Warm water – generally from 80 degrees to 140 degrees – is circulated through flexible, durable PEX tubing embedded in the floor. The floor becomes a large radiator and radiates warmth to the walls and objects in the room. As these objects become warm, you experience less heat loss because you are standing next to warm objects and you feel warm and comfortable

The Beauty of Thermal Comfort with Radiant Heat

Radiant heating is arguably superior to convection methods because warm air rises wastefully to the ceiling in rooms, warming the upper body (often with some discomfort, particularly to the head) but leaving the lower body cooler. In contrast, in-floor radiant heating warms the lower part of both the room and the body because when warm air comes from the radiant floor surface, it loses approximately two degrees Celsius at two meters above the floor. This imparts a feeling of natural warmth, since the limbs should ideally be warmer than the head.

A Finished Look For Your Home

Under floor heating is invisible from above and does not use valuable wall space with unsightly heating equipment. In a sense, the entire floor is a radiator, although, because of its area, it need not reach the high temperatures of a baseboard system. It offers a particular advantage in public areas where exposed hot or sharp surfaces can be dangerous and unsightly.

An Energy Efficient Heating System to Save You Money on Gas Bills

Air-infiltration heat loss is reduced significantly compared to forced-air systems in which duct leakage can drive cold, outside air into the building. Heating cold air from the outside requires extra energy and decreases humidity. If the boiler water temperature in a Hydronic (Water) system is set to the relatively low temperature required by under floor heat, rather than the higher temperature typically used in other types of radiators, the boiler may have higher efficiency and lower standby losses.

Some of The Benefits of Installing Radiant Heating in Your Home

Unparalleled Comfort. Eliminates cold spots. Floors are warm and cozy to the touch.
Works almost everywhere. Use under tile, marble, wood, carpet and concrete floors.
Saves Money. Radiant heat can save 20-40% over traditional heating systems.
Quiet and invisible. Eliminates noisy fans, popping ductwork and pinging pipes.
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