From burst pipes to broken boilers, Winnetka and Chicago’s North Shore has trusted Lucke Plumbing & Heating for over a century.

Wilmette residents and businesses have long relied on Lucke Plumbing’s reliable, trustworthy professionals. From bathroom repairs to complete remodels, Lucke Plumbing’s expert plumbers and heating contractors are affordable, experienced, and dependable.

Don’t just get any plumber or heating expert — get Lucke! Our staff is not satisfied until our customers are. Call us today for an estimate or our emergency 24-hour service!

Plumbing Installation & Repair in Wilmette

Have a plumbing emergency? Don’t hesitate to call Lucke Plumbing. Our operators and professionals are around 24-hours to take your call and fix whatever is ailing your plumbing system. Our professionals will also guide you through any part of a new construction or remodeling project.

Heating Service in Wilmette

A well-working heater is a must for anyone living through Chicagoland winters. At Lucke Plumbing we’ve weathered over 100 years of these nasty seasons, and we know what it takes to both get your heater up and running and to keep it running for winters to come. Whether you’re in need of repairs, routine up-keep, or installation, call Lucke Plumbing today and we will keep your Wilmette home warm.


Lucke Plumbing has been providing the best plumbing and heating services in Wilmette for over 100 years. The storied history of our business is evidence of the quality work we put in for our customers in Chicago’s North Shore week in and week out. We are driven by our number one priority, customer satisfaction, and no matter what your plumbing or heating needs, you can count on Lucke Plumbing to provide a solution.

Don’t just take our word for it! An 11-year resident of Wilmette shared his Lucke Plumbing experience with us:

I can’t believe I almost fell for the biggest plumbing scam ever.

I called an Arlington Heights plumber thinking I would be saving money calling someone from out of the North Shore. Well, I was sorely mistaken. They showed me this video from a camera that supposedly went through my pipes, where there was a huge root going straight through our sewer line, and was the sole reason our drains were getting clogged (and needed to be rodded) every year. It was only going to get worse I was told and if I acted now, under a special yellow pages discount program they would only charge 6k to dig up my front yard.

Well, as a matter of coincidence my neighbor was outside when the plumber showed up and told me he found a Wilmette plumber, and he seemed trustworthy enough so I thought I should get a second opinion.

The second company was Lucke Plumbing in Wilmette. They came out that evening. They told me they could resolve the clogging problem with some hydro jet something or other and would only cost me a fraction of the cost. When he used his camera, we saw obstruction, but no root whatsoever. Thanks for saving me thousands, Scott from Lucke Plumbing!
Wilmette, IL
July 31, 2011