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For over 100 years, Lucke Plumbing has remained the most trusted Evanston plumber and Evanston heating repair service in the area. Specializing in plumbing, sewer, drain, and heating repair and installation services, Lucke Plumbing’s commercial and residential technicians can help diagnose, repair, or install any trouble your home or business may experience. From furnace repair to radiant heating installation, we’re here to keep your building comfortable at a moment’s notice. We also proudly offer 24/7/365 service in the event of an emergency.


Furnaces remain the most popular heating system throughout the United States. Powered by oil or gas, furnaces heat up and push out air throughout a building’s ventilation. Homeowners often prefer furnaces over other heating systems due to their long lifespans, energy efficiency, and low cost. However, in order to maintain good air quality and consistent heat over the equipment’s lifetime, furnaces require more maintenance than other heating devices.

Lucke Plumbing specializes in offering Evanston furnace repair, furnace installation, and furnace cleaning. Our Evanston plumbing and heating professionals have decades of experience servicing all major makes and models of equipment, ensuring that a quality technician will be taking care of your furnace repair. No matter the size of the job, Lucke Plumbing can be at your home or business at a moment’s notice.

Here are some of the Evanston furnace repair, installation, and maintenance services we proudly offer:

New furnace installation. Whether it’s a unit for a brand-new home or you’re replacing old equipment, Lucke Plumbing offers Evanston furnace installation carried out by our in-home technicians. Each of our heating professionals is experienced in installing gas furnaces and oil furnaces of all major makes and models. And, if you’re in need of an Evanston furnace installation but need help choosing equipment, don’t worry! Lucke Plumbing help you choose the perfect furnace for your home from a wide range of furnaces we offer ourselves.

Furnace repair. There’s nothing worse than a furnace malfunction in the dead of winter, leaving the inside of home as cold as the snow outdoors. At the moment you start to sense trouble with your furnace, call the Evanston furnace repair experts at Lucke Plumbing. Our heating technicians can identify and repair furnace problems of all kinds, including pilot light issues, loud noises, poor heat, or trouble with ventilation. To make sure your repair is taken care of as quickly as possible, each of our Evanston furnace service vehicles stocks a full line of parts and accessories for major makes and models of equipment.

Furnace maintenance. To prevent a furnace problem when winter arrives, Lucke Plumbing recommends regular furnace maintenance and inspections. Routine furnace inspections can make sure your equipment is functioning properly and that a high level of air quality is emanating from your furnace’s air filters. By scheduling an Evanston furnace inspection with Lucke Plumbing, we’ll run a thorough test on each piece of your equipment and identify potential issues. And with our Evanston furnace cleaning, your equipment will be fully disassembled and cleaned to ensure proper proper air filtration and functionality.


Boilers are hydronic heating systems that heat up hot water, push them through pipes throughout your home, and give off heat from baseboards, radiant tubing, or radiators. The result is evenly distributed heat throughout your home, apartment, or business. And because boilers heat up water instead of heating air, which can potentially spread dust and other allergens throughout a space, air quality in boiler-heated spaces is often higher than spaces heated by furnaces.

Lucke Plumbing offers Evanston boiler installation and boiler repair services, including:

Radiant heating installation and repair. For new and existing homes, Lucke Plumbing can install and service a complete radiant heating solution. We’ll install or repair pipes directly beneath your floor or behind your walls, offering a more through method of heat distribution throughout your home.

Boiler installation and boiler repair. If your home or business is currently equipped with a radiant heating system, our professionals can help keep your equipment in working order with an Evanston boiler repair. We’ll make sure your property doesn’t go without heat or proper circulation, especially during the cold months of winter. Should you need a new Evanston boiler installation, we’re also available to help around the clock.

Radiator installation and radiator repair. Should your radiator unit or hydronic heating system experience trouble, Lucke Plumbing offers trusted expertise in servicing any kind of heating equipment. Our Evanston radiator repair professionals can help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or business. And, if you’re in need of Evanston radiant heating repair or installation, we’re here to help — no matter the size of the project.


Lucke Plumbing offers Evanston emergency heating repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the event of a heating emergency, call (847) 251-2020!