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Have you ever wondered why we call toilets royal thrones? As it turns out, the first flushable toilet ever recorded in history belonged to the king of Crete almost 3,000 years ago.

Although modern plumbing is a lot more advanced, disaster can still threaten to dethrone you. Finding a good plumber is not only crucial for your bathroom, but for the integrity of your entire home. Flooding from broken or clogged pipes can wreak havoc anywhere.

If you want to ensure you hire the best in the business, keep reading to learn the 5 essential tips on how to find a plumber.

1. How Do I Find the Best Plumber in My Area? Read Online Reviews

Did you know 97% of people rely on online reviews? You should never buy a product or service without doing a little research on the internet. Learning about other people’s experiences with businesses can save you a lot of trouble and money.

If a few people report a bad experience with a company, you shouldn’t hesitate to cut them from your list. After you sift through reviews, only pursue companies who maintain a high rating.

2. Compare Prices

Most people don’t know the true cost of good plumbing, which is why it’s easy for some companies to take advantage of customers. Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert to find a fair price.

If you’re willing to do a bit of investigating, you can compare the prices of all the companies who have good reviews. Some plumbers offer flat fees for services while others can provide estimates.

Contacting the company and asking for a quote can be helpful, too. Trustworthy plumbers who don’t operate on flat free pricing never make promises. Look for plumbers who can quote an expected range instead of one price. No one can truly know the cost of damages until they assess the problem in-person.

3. Find a Plumber with Good Business Credentials

If you ever need to find a local plumber, only contact people who have their plumbing license. This license ensures they are educated and your home will be insured if any accidents happen.

Another good fact to research is how long a business has been operating. If a company has been running for many years, you know they’re experienced and have a history of satisfying their customers.

4. Ask for Referrals

Choosing a plumber can be much easier with the help of neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. Don’t be afraid to ask who other people use for their plumbing needs. While you may hesitate to take advice from strangers online, you can always trust a loved one’s word.

5. Inquire About Warranties

The final factor which can help narrow your search for a good plumber is warranty policy. If you’re going to spend money on a service, you shouldn’t have to worry about future complications.

Sometimes things can go wrong in the hands of the most experienced professionals. Good plumbers know their work is excellent, which is why they shouldn’t hesitate to offer you a warranty on their work.

Need More Helpful Plumbing Information?

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